Methods of strengthening and rebuilding Qingdao bridges


Qingdao Bridge ReinforcementThere are five main methods of transformation.

1) Strengthen weak links

For the weak components on the bridge that have serious defects or cannot meet the requirements of safe bearing due to the passage of heavy vehicles, new materials (sprayed concrete, concrete, steel plate, glass fiber reinforced plastic, steel or carbon fiber) are usually used to increase the cross section of the main girder or arch ring, and cracks are used High-grade cement mortar or epoxy resin cement mortar is used for plugging, and external post-tensioning prestressed tendons are added, external prestressing is applied, or additional components are bonded with chemical adhesives.

2) Add auxiliary components

When the bearing capacity of the bridge is insufficient or the bridge is damaged due to various reasons, new load-bearing components can be added to the original structure, such as longitudinal beams, cross beams or arch ribs; new prefabricated components can also be used to replace serious defects and difficult to repair的components. In order to ensure the safety of the entire structure during the construction process, sufficient temporary supports must be provided, and reliable technical measures must be taken when replacing components.

3) Change the structural system

Changing the structural system mainly uses the continuous action of beams or the joint action of beams and slabs and the joint action of arch beams to change the stress system of the structure, thereby improving the stress condition of the structure and increasing the live load carrying capacity of the bridge. For example, changing simply supported beams to continuous beams, hinged nodes to rigid nodes, single-span beams to multi-span structures, auxiliary piers and eight-shaped supports are used, and a layer of reinforced concrete slab is cast on the arch bridge deck to tie the arches Converted to beam system.

4) Reduce dead load

Reducing the dead load of the superstructure of the original bridge can improve the stress condition of the original bridge and increase the live load carrying capacity. Especially when the bearing capacity of the bridge foundation is limited and cannot meet the reinforcement requirements of the superstructure and the requirement of increasing the live load bearing capacity, reducing the static load of the bridge to increase the live load bearing capacity is an economical and effective measure. For example, the solid web arch bridge is converted into a hollow arch bridge, and the filling material on the arch is replaced.

5) Reinforce the foundation of bridge piers

Bridge piers or foundation problems are an important cause of bridge diseases and diseases. For this kind of bridge,Qingdao Bridge ReinforcementReinforced concrete hoop, reinforced concrete tie rods and steel tie rods are used to apply external prestress, increase pile foundations and push methods to improve the bearing capacity of the bridge.