Qingdao Building Correction


Qingdao Building CorrectionWhat are the methods?

There are many reasons for architectural deviation. Due to improper exploration, design, construction or use, the settlement or settlement difference of existing buildings exceeds the relevant regulations, and the cracks, inclination or damage of the building will affect the normal use of the building, and even endanger the safety of the building. This situation can be divided into the following five situations.

1. Reasons include:

Building load eccentricity

Complex shape of the building or excessive load

Improper construction techniques or procedures

Improper application of working loads on storage tanks and other structures

Wind or sunlight tilts tall buildings

2. The basic reasons include:

The geological conditions are complex and the soil compressibility varies greatly

Improper foundation treatment

The uneven settlement of the soil occurred under unfavorable conditions

The influence of landslide collapse on foundation

The strength and bearing capacity of the foundation soil are lost due to pollution and erosion.

3. During the long-term use of the building, the additional settlement caused by the environmental change will cause the settlement of the building or the settlement difference is too large.

4. Due to the changes in the functions or requirements of the existing buildings, the load increases, and the bearing capacity and deformation of the original foundation cannot meet the requirements.

5. In the reinforcement of ancient buildings, the foundation needs to be strengthened or supplemented.

Qingdao Building CorrectionTechnical method classification

Correction technology should consider different technical methods according to different correction situations. There are three correction methods for existing buildings.

One is to use forced-dwelling technology on the side with a small settlement; use manual or mechanical construction methods to hollow out the side of the building with a small settlement or increase the soil stress, forcing the soil to produce new vertical deformation or lateral deformation. Deformation, intensifying the settlement of one side of the building within a certain period of time to correct the inclination of the building.

The second is to use jacking correction technology on the side with larger settlement.

The third is the mixed use of the two methods.