Qingdao Building Reinforcement


Qingdao Building ReinforcementCommon mistakes in.

(1) I don’t understand the structure and mistakenly believe that bonded steel and carbon fiber are a common reinforcement concept

The reinforcement method is closely related to the numerical value of the structure, and it is very important to arrange the reinforcement method reasonably according to the numerical value. The general reinforcement methods include: Panzhihua coated steel, bonded steel, bonded steel and other bonded carbon fiber materials, increased cross-sectional area, increased support points, and prestressed reinforcement.

(2) If the member is not properly reinforced, the joint is reinforced or not reinforced.

Although the reinforcement method is used in the structural calculation, due to the neglect of the basic knowledge of the structure, it is impossible to correctly distinguish whether the node needs reinforcement and whether the node needs reinforcement. The result is insufficient earthquake resistance or excessive unreinforced reinforcement.

(3) Misuse the basic bearing capacity of glue to determine the planting depth.

In fact, the decision-making of planting depth is multi-level. according toQingdao Building ReinforcementAccording to engineering manufacturers, on the one hand, it is the compressive strength of the building structure adhesive itself, and on the other hand, the compressive strength of the building structure adhesive itself. Compressive strength of concrete. The third level is the seismic performance of the joints, and the fourth level is the durability of concrete and adhesives. The design theory was put forward, and the planting depth of chemical steel bar was determined according to the actual location of chemical steel bar planting.

(4) Ignore the durability of steel bars and preforms

In the design and transformation of steel bars, in addition to calculating the bearing capacity of prefabricated members according to the structure, the seismic performance and working capacity of the entire structure should also be considered. The durability of the entire structure is very important. In the design of structural reinforcement and transformation, the protection of structural durability and safety should also be considered, that is, the reinforcement and transformation plan should be formulated in terms of structural calculation and safety. The reliability and durability of the entire structure.

(5) Ignore the durability of reinforcement members

In fact, reasonable reinforcement methods and nodes are the key to reconstruction and reinforcement. Another standard reinforcement plan should follow the eight policies of "reliable and effective economic development". This is not necessarily expensive, but it is not necessarily cheap.