Qingdao seismic reinforcement


Qingdao seismic reinforcementThe design is as follows:

First of all, the seismic layer is usually located on the top of the building structure and is a basic seismic structure commonly used in design. It can effectively isolate seismic energy and ensure the stability and safety of the building. Relevant design units can reserve more than 0 spaces. In addition, from a functional point of view, the seismic upper strata such as basement and basement have been deeply analyzed and utilized. When the horizontal force is too large, dampers can be set to disperse the seismic impact force to different parts of the wall through the bending moment and shear force of the seismic layer, so as to achieve the seismic effect.

In order to better prevent the impact of the earthquake on the building, in the engineering design, cracks should be set at the appropriate position under the action of the earthquake, and the building should be divided into different shapes, that is, earthquake-resistant joints should be set to reduce the mutual squeezing of adjacent components. The overall deformation of the building caused by pressure should be reasonably designed and arranged. Effective seismic joints can divide the building into regular parts. In order to ensure the maximum deformation of the building and improve the seismic performance of the building structure, the designer must scientifically design the width of the seismic joint according to the actual construction situation, which will affect the beauty of the building. If the facade design of the entire building structure is too small, it will lose its anti-seismic effect.

The last is the seismic support. According to the impact of the earthquake on each part of the building, the seismic support should be installed in the place where the impact energy is the largest or the telescopic beam is larger, on the one hand, it can bear the load of the building itself. However, in order to extend the natural vibration period of the building concrete structure, the horizontal stiffness of the structure is relatively low, and the acceleration response of the superstructure is reduced. In order to avoid structural displacement of the building, appropriate shock absorbers should be used to extend the service life of the seismic support as much as possible.

Therefore, the designer must fully graspQingdao seismic reinforcementThe different performance of the support and different maintenance methods can effectively improve the durability of the seismic support.