Qingdao plant reinforcement


Qingdao planting barIntroduction to reinforcement

The planting reinforcement method is a simple and effective connection and anchoring technology for concrete structures. It can be implanted with ordinary steel bars or bolt-type anchor bars. The reinforcement technology of planting bars has been widely used in the reinforcement and reconstruction projects of buildings.

Planting reinforcement, also known as seed reinforcement, is a connection technology that uses structural rubber lock key grips to anchor steel reinforcement in the seismic reinforcement of building structures. It is the best choice for the application of steel reinforcement and heavy-duty fastener structures.

Chemical planting glue refers to drilling holes on the foundation of concrete and surrounding rock, and then injecting high-strength glue (note: high-strength construction planting glue is generally divided into injection type and tubular type). Inserting steel bars or profiles and pasting on the foundation after repairing is a common construction technique.

The method of planting bars is a commonly used method in reinforcement and reconstruction projects. It is mainly a simple and effective concrete structure anchoring technology. It can be planted not only on ordinary steel bars, but also on ordinary steel bars. With the development of economy and technology, building materials are becoming more and more abundant, and steel planting technology has the characteristics of safety, reliability, simplicity and speed. Widely used in the engineering construction industry, widely used in old house renovation, wall reinforcement, bridge joints and other fields. In engineering construction, reinforcement technology has been widely used in building reinforcement. Bridge reinforcement, tunnel reinforcement, chimney reinforcement, wharf reinforcement, coal mine reinforcement, dam reinforcement, rail transit, subways, railways and other high-speed railways, light rails, nuclear power integrated pipeline corridors and other building reinforcement and transformation projects.

Qingdao planting barThe features are as follows:

The results show that: 1. High bond strength, small hole diameter, and shallow depth can obtain higher bearing capacity;

2. The base material is stress-free and can be used for construction, leaving a small margin and space;

3. High temperature resistant short distance welding;

4. The construction process is simple, the operation is simple, the maintenance time is short, the bearing capacity is fast, the construction time is saved, and the construction is safe and economical.