Qingdao structural reinforcement


Qingdao structural reinforcementReinforcement refers to technical measures for repairing, restoring or improving the carrying capacity of old and damaged buildings in the irrigation area. When the structural safety is insufficient, structural reinforcement measures should be taken as soon as possible, after diagnosis and evaluation. As the structure is damaged, it can be repaired and used in time.

Structural reinforcement plan

Structural reinforcement can be carried out according to the following procedures:

① Through reliability evaluation, the influence of the location, form and degree of aging damage on structural reliability is determined, which provides a basis for structural reinforcement.

② Choose an appropriate reinforcement plan.

③ Reinforcement design and construction organization, including structural member bearing capacity check calculation, rebar design, and construction drawings.

④ Organize construction, mainly to strengthen the structure under the action of load or local load. During construction, it is recommended to remove part of the load and increase support to ensure construction safety.

Qingdao structural reinforcementReinforcement principle

Structural reinforcement should follow the following principles:

① Principle of overall effect, during and after reinforcement, the load effect should be within the allowable range of the overall strength effect of the building.

② Principle of strength value. Reinforced concrete shall not be mixed with fly ash, pozzolan or blast furnace fluid. Its strength should be higher than the original structural concrete. The bonding strength of the bonding material and grouting material for steel bars should be higher than that of concrete. Stretching and shearing of bonded concrete.

③According to the principle of load value, considering the degree of coordination between the steel bar and the original structure and all possible additional stresses, the actual section is used to reduce the design value of the strength of the additional material.