Qingdao reinforcement


Since the mid-1980s, the identification and reinforcement of old houses has encountered some problems in the identification and reinforcement of new houses. The identification and reinforcement of residential structures is one of the problems that need to be resolved in many residential quality conflicts (technical problems), especially when the local industry develops and population purchases increase. The house quality inspection results provide an important basis for government departments at all levels to deal with real estate disputes.

Qingdao reinforcementThe renovation design is an advanced technology, which provides an important construction basis for the next step of reinforcement.

Under normal circumstances, in the following cases, you can follow the signs and reinforcement of the building:

If the facility is inappropriate, long-term improper maintenance, structural fracture or damage, and meets current requirements and safety requirements, it should be identified and reinforced.

In the event of engineering quality accidents and design and construction errors, we can reinforce the original structures of new projects, construction projects, and construction projects.

If the structure is damaged or damaged due to a disaster, the original structure is evaluated for reinforcement (after an earthquake, typhoon, and fire).

Some important historical buildings and monuments need to be protected and evaluated and reinforced according to their structure.

When a building is rebuilt, newly built or newly built, the existing structure is identified and reinforced.

If the earthquake caused a major change in the layout of structural components, and affected the system with the help of the original structure, this should adapt to the marking and reinforcement of the structure.

If deep pits and large pits are dug near the existing buildings, the drilling will cause ground displacement and adversely affect the existing buildings around the foundation pit. For these buildingsQingdao ReinforcementIt is an important measure to ensure that the building is in a good position around the foundation pit and that the new building can proceed normally.