Planting bar anchor bolt engineering

Planting bar anchor bolt engineering

Planting reinforcement technology has many advantages, and in the process of building construction, the use of planting reinforcement for construction projects can improve the load-bearing capacity of the building and directly enhance the use value of the building.
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Qingdao planting bar reinforcement is a simple and effective concrete construction connection and anchoring technology. This is widely used in building renovation. Such as the repair of reinforcement spare parts, the removal of the design position, the reinforcement of the reinforcement section of the component, the expansion of the superstructure, etc. In high-rise buildings, the connection of the reinforcement layer and the additional shear wall is adopted, and the reinforcement countermeasures for the steel are insufficient.

When Qingdao planted steel bars to reinforce the concrete structure, the concrete strength grade of the original component must be determined according to the results of the field test.

When HRB335 rebar is used, the strength grade of the original concrete is less than or equal to C15. When using HRB400 steel bars, the original concrete should not be less than C20.

Note: When hpb235 rebar is required, the diameter of the rebar is not more than 12mm, and the concrete strength of the original member is less than C20.

Qingdao planted bar reinforcement technology has many advantages. The use of steel bars increases the building load and directly increases the value of the building.

Things to pay attention to in Qingdao planting reinforcement:

1. Be sure to keep the abutment enclosure structure firm, and there must be no puddles in the receiver. The receiver must be dry.

2. Pay attention to climate change. The weather must be confirmed before the steel bars are used. Construction is carried out on sunny days and no work is allowed on rainy days.

3. When welding is required, welding from the concrete surface of the base material for more than 15 days. Please wrap it in a towel from the dew.

In order to ensure the quality of the planted bars and avoid various factors that affect the quality of the planted bars, comprehensive consideration of construction, materials, machinery, technology, environment, methods, etc., to avoid losses.


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