Reinforcement of beams and plates with bonded steel

Reinforcement of beams and plates with bonded steel

The beam and plate bonding steel reinforcement method is: the epoxy resin series adhesive is used to paste the steel plate on the weak part of the tension area of ​​the reinforced concrete structure to form an integral with the structure to replace the need to add reinforcing steel bars. , Through the steel plate and reinforcement structure
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Qingdao Sticky SteelThe reinforcement method is to use epoxy adhesive to reinforce the weak parts of the reinforced concrete structure. The joint action of steel plate and steel plate enhances the stiffness of the beam, inhibits the development of cracks, and improves the stress state of steel bars and concrete. Qingdao reinforcements have the following advantages.

There is no need to destroy the existing reinforced concrete structure.

Although the quality of the steel reinforcement project is very high, the construction does not require the operation of a senior engineer.

The reinforcement works will not increase the size of most existing structures.

The reinforcement work can be completed in a short time.

The original artistic features of historical buildings remain unchanged.

The commonly used technique of Qingdao Bonded Steel is to stiffen the vertical steel plate at the bottom of the beam or T-beam bridge, and to stiffen the bottom of the box girder or T (or I-beam) beam obliquely. Reinforcing steel plate and stiffening steel plate and strengthening structure. The steel plate needs sufficient anchorage length. Adhesives need sufficient bonding strength and durability. The ends can be fixed with fixing bolts to prevent the steel plate from cracking. Be careful not to cause unnecessary damage to the construction phase.


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