Concrete component reinforcement project

Concrete component reinforcement project

The exposed tendons of concrete components are one of the main reasons that affect the service life of concrete. When the steel bar is exposed to the concrete, it will oxidize and corrode in the air, and then the corrosion will develop inside the concrete beam. In areas where there is no winter, because there is no expansion and contraction due to heat
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Reinforcement of concrete componentsEngineering is also called concrete structure.

Concrete structure

The structure is mainly concrete structure, including ordinary concrete structure, reinforced concrete structure and preliminary concrete structure. Concrete is made by mixing cement material, coarse aggregate and water at an appropriate speed. Natural sand gravel is used as aggregate, and its reinforcement ratio is less than the minimum reinforcement ratio of reinforced concrete vertical steel bars. The material is a reinforced concrete structure with high tensile strength. It is often used for auxiliary structural materials such as columns and foundation walls. The mix ratio of steel bar and concrete is a big difference between the physical properties of steel bar and concrete. They can change the power between them. The concrete between the steel bar and the concrete is the protective layer of the steel bar, which helps prevent the corrosion of the steel bar, increases the fire resistance of free radicals, and makes the firepower and concrete performance meaningful. Reinforced concrete structures can form high-strength and high-rigidity structures. Pay attention to external rotation, the way of speaking is more difficult. Usually used in civil engineering such as construction. Prepower concrete is the super rebar that pulls the concrete element in the concrete before it exceeds it. It also allows us to better evaluate the magnitude of the force exerted on the external load and improve the resistance to free radicals. The surface hardness of prepaid concrete is greater or less than the corresponding reinforced concrete. It can compensate for the deformation of part of the external weight instead of the deformation of the external weight (usually called "eidgen arch"). This ensures a high level of acoustics. At the same time, we use reasonable steel to save steel, save steel, and reduce structural weight. You can use it to manipulate primitive structures such as water, storage and water.

Pros and cons

Compared with other materials, the main advantage of the reinforced structure of concrete members is that it has good integrity. There are different shapes and sizes. Durable. Flammable. Low construction and maintenance costs.

A major disadvantage is the lack of concrete strength, partly the use of reinforced concrete floor slabs, which makes it easy to break. The structural weight is greater than steel structure and tree structure. Indoor work is restricted by climate and season. It is difficult to connect new and old concrete, so it is difficult to strengthen.


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