Qingdao Building Reinforcement Project Reconstruction


inQingdao Building ReinforcementIn engineering renovation, sometimes the construction team will take unloading treatment. Why not just strengthen the components, but do more? In fact, unloading the components before construction can effectively improve the construction effect. Let us understand the role of offload processing.

1. Reduce stress and strain hysteresis

Due to the hysteresis of stress and strain, the performance of reinforced concrete floor slabs cannot be fully utilized, especially when the working stress and strain value of the original structure is relatively high. For compression members and shear members whose main bearing capacity is concrete, the original structure and The later structure will be destroyed one after another, resulting in unsatisfactory reinforcement effect or no effect at all.

2. Saving steel materials

When removing the load before reinforcement, the hysteresis of the carbon fiber cloth should be reduced or even eliminated, so that the reinforced structure can make full use of the strength of the carbon fiber cloth without repeated reinforcement and save the use of reinforcement materials.

3. Improve structural bearing capacity

The impact of unloading on the bearing capacity of the reinforced structure is mainly reflected in the reduction of the original structure's stress and strain level indicators under the initial load. The effect is particularly obvious for the compression structure reinforced by the concrete cover and the bending structure reinforced by the additional fulcrum.

How to uninstall

There are two types of uninstallation: direct uninstallation and indirect uninstallation.

Direct unloading: directly unload all or part of the unloading load acting on the original structure. Direct unloading is intuitive and accurate, but the unloading amount is limited and generally limited to a part of the live load.

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