Advantages of Qingdao Baotou Steel Reinforcement


Qingdao Baotou Steel ReinforcementIt is a relatively traditional reinforcement method. Its principle is to fix the steel plate on the load-bearing structure with epoxy structural glue and bolts to achieve the principle of common force. There are many ways to strengthen, why can Baotou steel bars have a place? It shows that Baotou steel bar still has its advantages. Let us analyze it for you.

Baotou steel refers to angle steel, which is generally used to reinforce columns. Generally speaking, it can be wrapped around the four corners of the pillar. The reinforcement cost is low, and the construction operation is simple, which is recognized.Qingdao Baotou Steel ReinforcementConstruction introduction:

1. Drilling

Drill fixing bolt holes in the steel plate, press the steel plate close to the joint surface, drill the fixing bolt holes in the corresponding position on the concrete, and determine the position of the fixing hole in the concrete by the laying-out method.

2. Surface treatment

The steel plate should be derusted and polished, and the concrete joint surface should be polished or chiseled. The corners of the concrete section of the original component should be rounded and polished, and the surface of the ground concrete should be free of loose aggregate and dust.

3. Fixed steel plate

The installation of the externally attached steel frame should be on a flat surface, and a small gasket should be pasted at a certain distance to form a gap between the steel frame and the original component for pressure glue.

4. Sealing joint and vent setting

When sealing the seam, keep the glue injection channel unblocked, drill holes in the specified position, paste the glue injection nozzle base, and set up vents in the appropriate position. After the sealant is cured, conduct a ventilation pressure test. If there is a leak, it should be resealed.

5. Dispensing and filling

Weigh the two components a and B according to the recommended ratio, and mix them evenly, starting from the end of the glue injection. When glue flows out from the vent, it should be solid. The inclined or vertically installed steel plate should be injected from a low position, and the speed should not be too fast to prevent the formation of airbags.

6. Maintenance and maintenance

Under normal temperature, after the glue injection construction is completed, the curing is 72h. When the temperature decreases, the time should be extended appropriately.

7. Check

Check for leakage around the steel plate, tap the steel plate with a small hammer to check the effective bonding area of ​​the steel plate. In areas that require dense filling, injection holes and vent holes can be drilled for filling.

8. Anti-corrosion treatment

The surface of section steel (including concrete surface) should be coated with high-strength cement mortar (with steel wire mesh to prevent cracking) no less than 25mm thick as a protective layer, and other anti-corrosion and fire-resistant decorative materials can be used for protection.