Causes of foundation settlement in Qingdao


With the development of construction engineering, construction problems emerge in endlessly, among which foundation settlement is the most common. The frequent occurrence of settlement has seriously affected the safety of the building. ThenQingdao foundation settlementWhat is the reason for it? Next, let the problem-solving expert Cui Xuedong reveal the mystery for us.

1,Soil properties

Since the backfill soil and site silt are both high-shrinkage soft soils with the characteristics of high water content, thixotropy and rheology, under the action of the upper building load, the negative friction of the pile foundation is reduced, and the silt at the lower end of the pile is covered Compression deformation causes settlement. In addition, some special soils such as collapsible loess, expansive soil and saline soil can also cause foundation settlement. The compressibility of the foundation soil is different, and the treatment method of the foundation is also different.


In architectural design, the following common design negligence and errors will cause the foundation settlement of the building: for example, the design length of the building exceeds the limit; the architectural design is complicated with many concave and convex corners; the required locations are not properly set up with settlement joints; The design height of the main building and the secondary building of the building are quite different, and the load is too different.

3,Investigation report

The engineering geological survey report reflects the nature of the soil layer, groundwater and geotechnical tests, and evaluates the foundation according to the design requirements, and puts forward some suggestions for the design and construction. In actual construction, some projects do not blindly conduct geological surveys; some surveys that are not carried out in accordance with regulations will cause designers to make analysis, judgment, or design errors, and cause foundation settlement.

4,Improper location

Due to the large difference in ground height and the complex terrain, many leveling operations tend to build the foundation of the same building in other parts of the excavation area and the fill area; some of the foundation is located on the river bed, and the other part is located on the hard soil layer. If not handled properly, it is easy to cause foundation settlement.

5,Construction reason

The construction process is the main part of the final building shape, and its importance to the construction quality is self-evident.Qingdao foundation settlementThe main reasons include: in the early stage of construction, trench inspection was not carried out carefully, and hidden dangers of foundation settlement were not discovered in time. The foundation soil was disturbed before the foundation construction. When building walls, the strength of mortar is low, the variety does not meet the requirements, and the quality of the masonry does not meet the requirements, resulting in insufficient rigidity of the entire building and foundation.