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1. The formation of cracks: In the process of concrete hardening, due to concrete dehydration, shrinkage or the effect of temperature difference, uneven expansion and contraction caused by the cracks, concrete crack repair treatment refers to the use of scientific methods to repair concrete cracks. There are three types of concrete cracks: static cracks, active cracks and developed cracks.Qingdao crack repairThere are three methods: low pressure injection method, high pressure repair method and slot repair method; what is the main purpose of repair? It is to reduce excessive leakage and whether it needs to be reinforced; what is the main reason for the cracks; the value and direction of the future change of the fault,

Qingdao crack repairProcessing type

The first category is the treatment of cracks in civil buildings, such as the treatment of floor cracks, wall cracks, and concrete beam and column cracks. With the continuous deepening of the concept of housing commercialization, people have put forward higher requirements for the construction industry. People are afraid of cracks when they work or live in houses with cracks. This is not an unfounded worry, because damage to buildings often starts from cracks. In recent years, building cracks caused by various factors have become a common quality problem that affects the appearance and function of buildings, destroys structural integrity, and reduces the service life of buildings. These heavy objects can cause engineering accidents, make the building lose its use value, or even collapse. These have violated the rights and interests of consumers to varying degrees. Therefore, the control or treatment of harmful cracks is of great significance. The Beijing Metallurgical Construction Engineering Crack Treatment Center is the only professional crack treatment organization in my country that integrates construction crack investigation, diagnosis, and appraisal. Our experienced experts in concrete structure, crack control and building materials provide targeted repair programs and material selection. Faced with the problem of crack treatment, the early design of the scheme is more important than the later repair and treatment, and more attention is needed.

The second category is the treatment of cracks in industrial buildings, such as the treatment of workshop floor cracks and workshop wall cracks. This kind of crack treatment has high requirements on materials and construction. Some industrial buildings will encounter environmental problems such as high temperature, high humidity, and corrosion during the crack treatment process, so the choice of materials is particularly important.

The third category is the treatment of municipal building cracks, such as the treatment of cracks in the bridge deck pavement and the treatment of pavement cracks. The problem with this kind of crack treatment is that the concrete is exposed, and due to the influence of the temperature difference, the concrete has severe cracks and deformation. Not only should the bond strength and compressive strength be considered, but also the durability under the influence of temperature differences. Crack treatment is a systematic project. It not only considers the cause of the material, but also considers the location of the crack and the environmental characteristics of the building. It is of great significance to the selection of materials and the durability of the building in the maintenance process.