Why choose carbon fiber materials for building reinforcement


Western countries have conducted research on carbon fiber reinforcement technology. Although carbon fiber reinforcement technology started late in my country, the research on carbon fiber reinforcement technology in my country has never stopped in the past ten years. In just a few years, the development of carbon fiber reinforcement technology in my country has become increasingly mature and has been widely used in the field of reinforcement. carbon fiberQingdao Building ReinforcementHas become a good choice for many reinforcement methods.

1. Less engineering

along withQingdao Building ReinforcementWith the continuous development of technology, a large number of reinforcement methods in the same reinforcement project are destined to gradually withdraw from the reinforcement stage. The carbon fiber reinforcement construction method is simple to operate and has a small amount of work. It is an efficient reinforcement construction method.

2. Save construction time

Compared with traditional reinforcement methods, the budgeted construction period of carbon fiber reinforcement technology is shorter, which can save the valuable time of the construction party. Shortening the construction period is equivalent to reducing the cost of the project, enabling the construction party to obtain more economic profits.

3. There are many advantages in materials

The reason why the carbon fiber reinforcement method has becomeQingdao Building ReinforcementThe best choice is directly related to carbon fiber materials. The structural adhesive can easily bond the carbon fiber material on the surface of the concrete contact layer. At present, most of the building structures in my country are concrete structures, which increases the scope of application of this reinforcement method.

4. Related environmental protection

inQingdao Building ReinforcementDuring the process, a large amount of construction waste will be generated. In this regard, more construction units tend to choose environmentally friendly reinforcement methods when strengthening building structures. Compared with other reinforcement measures, CFRP reinforcement measures are a relatively green and environmentally friendly reinforcement process, and the construction waste generated during the reinforcement process is the least.

5. Low construction cost

The market price of carbon fiber materials is relatively low. Whether it is carbon fiber board or carbon fiber cloth, compared with other reinforcement materials, the calculation of the entire reinforcement project shows that the use of carbon fiber reinforcement method is the most economical reinforcement method.

6. Strong durability

Many people will compare and analyze carbon fiber reinforcement technology and bonded steel reinforcement technology. You will find that carbon fiber materials are more durable and will not affect their performance even in harsh environments. However, steel plate materials are easy to corrode, but they are easy to corrode in the environment.