I will share with you four methods of house reinforcement


Residential reinforcement is generally divided into two aspects. One is to repair and reinforce damaged buildings, and the other is to reinforce the environment or improve the degree of damage and durability. The main construction objects are walls, columns, foundations, templates, etc. With the continuous update of technology and the increase in the rich diversity of building materials, the methods of residential reinforcement are becoming more and more diversified.Qingdao Building ReinforcementThe company sorted out the following methods.

1. Bonded steel bars

Bonded steel reinforcement technology is generally used in concrete building structures. It is to bond steel plates and concrete together to form a combined overall structure, which improves the bearing capacity of the concrete building structure and enhances the structural strength. Advantages: If you choose a good adhesive,Qingdao Building ReinforcementThis kind of house reinforcement method has strong pertinence and good durability. Disadvantages: The construction is difficult and the workers are too tired.

2. Rebar company recommends carbon fiber rebar

Qingdao Building ReinforcementCarbon Fiber Reinforcement (CFRP) technology is a residential reinforcement technology used to repair the surface of concrete structures or built-in steel bars. Used in conjunction with adhesives to strengthen the structure. The reinforcement method has simple operation, low cost, good effect, and strong practicability. Therefore, it is generally suitable for maintenance and reinforcement in residential buildings. It has a wide range of uses and is suitable for reinforcement of building beams, slabs, columns and walls. It is especially recommended to use prestressed carbon fiber reinforcement method, which can effectively improve the utilization rate of carbon fiber. Prestress helps to inhibit the occurrence of early cracks in concrete and improve the shear bearing capacity of components. Due to the premature cracking of the pre-stressed component, stress concentration will be generated in the crack to prevent the carbon fiber from peeling from the crack.

3. Reinforcement

Reinforcing bars, also known as bar planting technology, is to drill holes in the existing concrete building structure, inject transplantable adhesive, and then transplant steel bars. This technology is usually used to reinforce the overall structure of the house in the process of residential reconstruction, and it is a technical means to maintain the load-bearing performance of the house. It is not only widely used in residential reinforcement, but also used as an anchor in some bridge reinforcement and wharf reinforcement projects.

4. External reinforcement

Reinforced concrete beams and columns wrapped with steel bars are called Baotou steel bars.Qingdao Building ReinforcementThis kind of house reinforcement method is simple to operate, reliable in technology, and heavy in workload, but with high strength, difficult construction, and tired workers. It is rarely used in the reinforcement process of civil houses.

The reinforcement of private houses is relatively simple and the construction scale is small. The reinforcement projects of some public buildings or large commercial buildings are often large in scale. The reinforcement company said that the professional construction team will choose the appropriate reinforcement method according to the actual situation.