Qingdao Reinforcement Company shares a summary of plant reinforcement methods


Qingdao reinforcementThe company shares a summary of plant reinforcement methods:

1. Enlarging the reinforcement method of the section.The expanded section reinforcement method has simple construction technology, strong adaptability, and mature design and construction experience; it is suitable for the reinforcement of beams, slabs, columns, walls and general structures. Adding a cast-in-place concrete layer in the compression zone of reinforced concrete flexural members can increase the effective height of the section and expand the section area, thereby increasing the flexural capacity of the normal section, the shear capacity of the oblique section and the section stiffness, and play a role. Reinforcement. Increasing the cross section will affect the headroom of the plant

2. External steel reinforcement method.Steel-clad reinforcement is to wrap steel or steel plate on the outside of the reinforcement member. Reinforced concrete beams with outer steel reinforcement generally adopt the wet wrapping method, that is, using epoxy resin grouting and other methods to bond the steel bars and the components into a whole. After the reinforcement, the cross-sectional area of ​​the tension and compression member is greatly increased, and the bearing capacity and rigidity of the front section are greatly improved.

3. Bonding steel reinforcement method.Qingdao Reinforcement CompanyIt uses high-performance epoxy adhesive to bond the steel plate to the surface of the concrete component, so that the steel plate and the concrete form a unified whole, and the good tensile strength of the steel plate is used to improve the bearing capacity and rigidity of the component.