Qingdao Reinforcement Company introduces the construction plan of bonded steel reinforcement


1. Contact surface treatment

No matter whichQingdao reinforcementIn the company's reinforcement method, the first step is to clean up the contact surface after reinforcement. For the original concrete, the surface of 1~2mm should be cleaned and wiped with cotton cloth to keep the contact surface dry and clean. Secondly, the uneven surface of the concrete should be repaired with structural adhesive.

2. Surface treatment of steel plate

Due to the long outdoor time, some steel plates may have rust spots on the surface. Regardless of whether the steel plate is rusty, remove the rust. The surface of the steel plate can be polished to metallic luster with emery cloth.

3. Development of structural adhesive

In the construction industry, the preparation of structural adhesives needs to follow a principle: ready to use, use as much as you need. In addition, we also need to test the quality of the structural adhesive to see if the viscosity meets the requirements for use. The preparation should be carried out in strict accordance with the instructions, and the total amount of each preparation should not be too much to avoid waste. The structural glue prepared each time should be used up within 50 minutes, otherwise too long exposure time in the air will affect the use of structural glue.

4. Paste the steel plate

When sticking the steel plate, the structural adhesive should be evenly spread on the contact surface of the concrete and the steel plate, and the thickness of the glue should be 1~3mm. Pay attention to observation when pasting. If the application is uneven, the adhesive should be refilled in time.

5. Check

We can judge the effect of pasting the steel plate by the sound of a small hammer hitting the steel plate. If the pasting effect is not up to standard, we need to paste repeatedly. After pasting the steel plate, in order to fix the steel plate,Qingdao reinforcementThe company shall not interfere with the steel plate within 3 days of construction. Since the steel plate is easy to corrode, cement mortar can be applied to the surface of the steel plate with a thickness of 20mm, which is equivalent to a layer of anti-corrosion protective film. In addition to cement mortar, it can also be painted with anti-rust paint.