How much do you know about the architectural design and structural design of Qingdao Structural Reconstruction Company?


Qingdao structural transformationComprehensive work undertaken by the company's professional designers. It is necessary to comprehensively study the relationship between residential building functions, industrial building process equipment, environmental coordination, artistic effects, and the relationship and related issues of housing structure, equipment, construction technology, and investment. First of all, starting from the environment, try to avoid pollution and interference, and uniformly arrange the roads, greening, squares, and courtyard architectural sketches to form a good environmental space. In terms of building functions, it mainly meets the requirements of use.

For example, the orientation of the building is in the general layout; the layout of the pedestrian flow entrance and exit; the layout position of the single building, the relationship between space use, etc.;Qingdao structural transformationThe company introduced the requirements for the construction of the industrial plant process flow; the determination of the basic use space scale; the opening of doors and windows; heating, ventilation, and lighting are functional issues that must be properly resolved in the architectural design to make the building organically unified. Architectural art, especially for some important or large public buildings, should reflect certain social, political, historical, cultural significance and unique architectural styles, conform to the laws of aesthetics, and use the role of color to make the design of houses in the possible economic conditions Get a good aesthetic effect. It can also express the artistry of architecture through traditional and local characteristics, or through other artistic means such as murals, sculptures, weaving, and ceramics.

Qingdao structural transformationThe structural design of the company is to ensure that the designed house can meet the requirements of safe and normal use. First, the structural design should be carried out according to the architectural layout, so that the house can safely and reliably bear the various effects of the construction phase and the use phase (see the role of the structure) or At the same time, the deflection, cracks, cracks, etc. of the house under the conditions of use according to the national design code amplitude control shall not exceed the limit. In addition to the upper structure, the lower structure of the house, such as the foundation and foundation, is also a part of the structural design, such as the determination of the bearing capacity of the foundation, the control of settlement, the selection of natural and artificial foundations, and the design of pile foundations or other foundations.

According to the materials used in the structure, the house structure can be divided into masonry structure, wood structure, steel structure, concrete structure and mixed structure. The Reinforcement and Reconstruction Company mentioned that due to the wide range of earthquakes in my country and the strong coastal typhoon, wind and earthquake resistance is the key to the structural design of buildings, especially high-rise buildings.