Reinforce or rebuild the house? how to choose?


Reinforce or rebuild the house? how to choose? On this issue, some owners believe that if the old house is damaged and the service life reaches a certain period, it can be demolished directly. Why do they need to reinforce the house? The reason isQingdao Building ReinforcementThe cost is high, and the cost is high. Excess funds can be used directly to build new houses. Housing reinforcement or reconstruction should be considered from many aspects, so that we know whether to choose reinforcement or reconstruction.

On the surface, regardless of economic factors, building a new house is easier than repairing and strengthening an old house. But in fact, in many cities and regions, new houses are not built randomly. This is clearly stipulated. Once most of the old houses are demolished, there is basically no chance of reconstruction. There are also some landmark buildings or historical relics that cannot be demolished and can only be repaired and preserved through various means. Many cities have very strict requirements for house reconstruction, and it is impossible to rebuild houses unless they are dilapidated. This is the choiceQingdao Building ReinforcementReasons for housing policy.

Economically speaking, will the cost of house reinforcement be higher than the cost of reconstruction? In fact, the cost of reinforcement may not be higher than the cost of reconstruction. In most cases, the reinforcement of the house is only partial, which is equivalent to "mending cracks" in the original structure, so the cost of reinforcement is much lower than the cost of reconstruction. In addition,Qingdao Building ReinforcementThe construction period is short and the construction speed is fast. However, the use functions of the reinforced and reconstructed house are basically the same as those of the reconstructed house, and more functions can be obtained with less economic cost and time cost. For the owner, from an economic point of view, structural reinforcement is also a rational choice for the owner.