Qingdao Reinforcement Company talks about the matters needing attention in foundation grouting reinforcement


Qingdao reinforcementThe matters that the company should pay attention to in the foundation grouting reinforcement:

1. Before the mud is solidified, it is equivalent to increasing the external load. The grouting will disturb the original pressure-bearing layer, which is easy to cause additional settlement. For sensitive structures, jump grouting should be performed every one or several holes, and the interval should be greater than 3 days.

2. Use caution in collapsible soil.

3. The grout of pebble layer or soil layer with high dynamic water pressure should be mixed with accelerator or intermittent grouting.

4. The greater the grouting pressure, the better. It can split, compact, and penetrate into the soil (generally controlled within 1.5MPa). Excessive pressure can easily cause the overlying soil to expand and the mud to rise.

Qingdao reinforcementPrecautions for grouting construction after the company's grouting pile:

1. After the concrete strength of the pile body reaches a certain design value, grouting construction can be carried out to extend the construction period. However, when the number of piles on the construction site is large, an appropriate construction flow sequence can be adopted to shorten the construction period.

2. Be careful during construction, otherwise it will block the grouting pipe and wrap the grouting pipe, causing ground grouting and underground channeling

3. For cast-in-place piles, attention should be paid to the use of appropriate hole-forming and pile-forming technology to ensure the construction quality, otherwise it will affect the grouting effect of the pile end.