How to control the construction quality during the reinforcement of planting bars?


Many reinforcement methods used in building reinforcement projects are the same, such as planting steel bars, carbon fiber cloth reinforcement, and bonding steel reinforcement. These reinforcement technologies are widely used but more professional. Professional reinforcement technology will enable the construction of the reinforcement project to have a better reinforcement effect.

1.Qingdao planting barThe key to the anchor is to clear the hole. If the holes are not cleaned or the holes are wet, it will have an adverse effect on the bonding between the glue and the concrete, making it impossible to achieve the planned bonding strength and affecting the anchoring quality.

2. Determine reasonable anchoring parameters, such as drilling diameter, drilling depth, etc.

3. The amount of glue injection must be accurate, not too much, and not too little. If too much, colloid infiltratesQingdao planting barSometimes it will leak out, causing waste or pollution; the amount of colloid is too small to be full, resulting in poor bonding strength. In general, two-thirds of the hole depth should be filled.

4. The measurement of colloid preparation must be accurate, otherwise the solidification time of colloid is not well controlled, and colloid solidification may even be formed, the curing time is shortened, and the bonding strength is reduced, so it is best to use injection type planting glue. The colloid should be placed in the hole immediately after preparation.

5. Pay attention to rotating in one direction when planting the steel bar, and pierce it when rotating, so that the colloid and the steel bar are fully combined.

6. The bonding strength of the colloid, the bonding strength of the colloid and steel, and the bonding strength of colloid and concrete should be tested before construction, and the construction can be carried out only after it meets the requirements of the planning specification.

7. The steel bar detector should be used to measure the orientation of the original structural steel bars before drilling, so as not to damage the original structural steel bars when drilling.

8. Single-sided welding is used for the lap joint of the primary and secondary steel bars. As a guaranteeQingdao planting barThe quality of anchorage should be welded 24 hours after the bar is planted. The distance between the welding point and the surface of the concrete base layer should be greater than 15 days. The roots of the exposed part of the planted tendons are wrapped in a towel soaked with ice water.

9. After the glue is completely cured, it is non-toxic, but before curing, some ingredients are irritating to the skin and eyes, and the glue is not easy to remove. Therefore, construction personnel should pay attention to proper labor protection, such as safety helmets, work clothes, gloves, etc., and rinse with clean water after direct contact with the human body.