Methods of strengthening Qingdao bridges


Bridges play a very important role in modern highway engineering. Since ancient times, bridge engineering in our country has become more and more popular, and it can be said that it can be seen everywhere. After so many bridges have been in operation for a long time, there will always be some old bridges damaged, cracks and other phenomena. So we need to carry out bridge reinforcement works. So what are the methods for bridge reinforcement? The following reinforcement home network will tell you the solutionQingdao Bridge ReinforcementOf these reinforcement methods.

The external bonding steel reinforcement method is a method of using a chemical adhesive to directly paste the steel plate on the surface of the concrete member, so that the steel plate and the concrete member form a force-bearing whole, thereby improving the bearing capacity, increasing the ductility, rigidity and meeting the requirements of normal use. method.

(2) Prestressed reinforcement method.

The pre-stressed reinforcement method is a method of strengthening the structure with externally pre-stressed steel tie rods. It is suitable for bridges that require improved bearing capacity, rigidity and crack resistance and a small space occupied after reinforcement. It can be divided into prestressed tie rod reinforcement and prestressed strut reinforcement. Among them, prestressed tie rod reinforcement is mainly used for bending members. The beam body is used as an anchor, and external force is applied to the tension area of ​​the beam through prestressed tension to counteract the structure. Its own weight reduces the stress under vehicle load, which can reduce excessive cracks in the beam and reduce the width of the cracks. Prestressed strut reinforcement is mainly used for the axial compression pier column of the bridge substructure, but this method is rarely used in the practice of bridge pier column reinforcement.

(3) Enlarged section reinforcement method Enlarged section method

Also known as the outer concrete reinforcement method. It is a method to increase the cross-sectional area and reinforcement of concrete structures. This reinforcement method requires the reinforced bridge substructure to bear more self-weight and provide higher bearing capacity. Under normal circumstances, it is mainly to thicken the bridge deck or enlarge the beam rib width of the main beam.

(4) Paste FRP reinforcement method.

The bonding FRP reinforcement method is to use high-strength or high elastic modulus fiber composite materials, and use specially configured paste resin or impregnating resin to paste on the surface of the bridge concrete member, so that it and the original member form an integral reinforcement method. At present, there are three types of FRP materials commonly used in structural engineering: glass fiber (GFRP), carbon fiber (CFRP) and aramid fiber (AFRP), of which carbon fiber reinforced composite materials (CFRP) are more used.

Above theseQingdao bridge reinforcement methodIt is just a few technologies that are relatively easy to use at present, and more and better bridge reinforcement technologies will be developed in the future to facilitate our construction operations, and the effect may be better.