Overview of the role of Qingdao building reinforcement


Qingdao Building ReinforcementIn simple terms, it is to improve the bearing capacity and use performance of the components and even the entire structure through certain measures to meet the new requirements. In the reinforcement of the arch bridge, appropriately reducing the elevation of the bridge deck is beneficial to the upper and lower structures. After lowering the bridge deck elevation, it is equivalent to subtracting one layer of uniformly distributed dead load, reducing the dead weight, which is obviously beneficial to the substructure.

With the continuous development of the construction industry, the number of buildings is also increasing year by year. Today, China's building stock has risen to a staggering number, and a large number of buildings have exceeded the design base period due to the earlier design and construction time. At the same time, there are still many buildings with insufficient safety reserves, and it is obviously impractical to demolish them and rebuild them. Therefore, house reinforcement projects are increasing day by day.

The time can be traced back to around 2008. With the passage of time, the number of building reinforcement and renovation in my country has increased by nearly 50%, and a batch of new buildings need to be reinforced every year. In addition, with the frequent occurrence of earthquakes in recent years, people urgently need an effective method to strengthen the seismic performance of the structure. In this environment,Qingdao Building ReinforcementThe role is more important.