Qingdao bonded steel reinforcement


Qingdao bonded steel reinforcement:

Bonded steel reinforcement technology is generally applied to concrete building structures to bond steel plates and concrete to form a composite overall structure, improve the bearing capacity of the concrete building structure, and strengthen the structural strength. Advantages: If you choose a good adhesive, this kind of house reinforcement method is very targeted and has good durability. Disadvantages: construction is difficult and the workers are too tired.

2. The reinforcement company recommends carbon fiber reinforcement. Carbon fiber reinforcement] technology is a residential reinforcement technology used for surface repair or built-in reinforcement of concrete building structures. It is used with adhesives to play a role in structural reinforcement. The residential reinforcement method has simple operation, low cost, good effect, and strong practicability. Therefore, it is generally suitable for maintenance and reinforcement in residential use, with a very wide range of use, and is suitable for reinforcement of building beams, slabs, columns, and walls. In particular, the pre-stressed carbon fiber reinforcement method is recommended, which can effectively improve the utilization rate of carbon fiber. Pre-stress can help prevent the early occurrence of concrete cracks and increase the shear force of components. Because the cracks of the prestressing suppression element occur too early, stress concentration will occur in the cracks to prevent the carbon fiber from peeling from the cracks.