Qingdao Bridge Reinforcement Construction


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Qingdao Bridge Reinforcement and ReconstructionDuring construction, regularly check the safety support system and operating platform erected in the reinforcement project to avoid structural stress changes and give full play to the role of the safety support system. If an abnormal situation is found during construction, the operation should be stopped immediately, and observation should be made after entering the safe area. According to the actual situation, solve the problem with relevant technical personnel.

When the upper anchor point is set on the top surface of the beam top and the top surface of the beam end, two inclined holes with the same angle as the inclined rod should be drilled on the bridge deck or the top surface of the beam according to the design of the intersection of the inclined rod. First chisel the pavement of the bridge deck, chisel the concrete protective layer on the top of the beam to expose the steel, and then chisel the concrete at the anchor plate. Make the drill stand according to the angle of the inclined hole design. Put the drill rod of the drill bit into the groove of the drill frame, align the center of the drill bit with the theoretical anchor point, and then drill an oblique hole. After the upper anchor hole is cut, the concrete on the top of the beam is cleaned, and the concrete slag is removed. Then, after chiseling, apply a layer of epoxy glue solution on the surface of the concrete, and then spread the epoxy cement mortar. When anchoring on the top of the beam, the surface of the anchor plate should be flush with or slightly lower than the top surface of the beam to ensure that there is as much concrete protection layer as possible on the anchor point. Set the upper anchor point.

The serious earthquake damage of the frame structure mainly occurs in the frame beam-column joints and infill walls. In general, the seismic damage of the column is heavier than the beam, the top of the column is heavier than the corner column at the bottom of the column, and the short column of the inner column is heavier. Therefore, a series of measures have been taken. The frame is designed as a ductile frame, which observes the strong anchoring of the strong column nodes and avoids the reinforcement of short columns to corner columns. The height of the frame edge should not be abrupt, and weak layers should be avoided. Control the reinforcement ratio and the diameter of the steel bar. The anchorage of the stress tendons in the structure should be appropriately lengthened, and the stirrups at the joints should be properly densified. During the construction of the multi-channel seismic defense line, the installation sequence and joint connection should be ensured. Each seismic technology can independently withstand the corresponding damage, and ensure that multiple technologies work together to improve the seismic capacity of the building.

Driven by interests, some construction units will use inferior construction materials for construction. Therefore, after the completion of the construction, the construction quality cannot pass the acceptance work smoothly. If the inspection passes, many problems will be found. If these projects are put into use, they can meet the quality requirements. Therefore, in order to make the projects put into use smoothly, some construction units will re-reinforce the projects. However, some projects have serious quality problems and do not require building reinforcement at all.

In Qingdao subway reinforcement construction and bridge reinforcement and reconstruction construction, try to add air between the paste, carbon fiber and resin. The roller (special tool) can roll the carbon fiber material in the fiber direction several times to make the resin penetrate into the carbon fiber. The main agent curing accelerator and resin curing agent are accurately weighed according to the specified ratio, put into the container, and mixed evenly with a mixer. The initial mixing amount is subject to use up within the use time.

Qingdao Bridge Reinforcement ConstructionThe economy is reasonable. Due to the fast construction speed, the cost of bonding steel reinforcement is greatly saved, and the economic benefit is high. Flexible and diverse bonding steel reinforcement methods are highly adaptable and can solve various problems in production and life. There are various solutions for pasting steel plates, flexible and ingenious. It can also be used to reinforce steel structures and brick-concrete structures with section steel.