Qingdao Reinforcement-Bonded Steel Reinforcement Construction


structureBonded steel reinforcementCompared with other reinforcement methods, the method has many unique advantages and advancements, including:

1. Rugged and durable: After years of engineering practice, it has been proved that it can fully guaranteeQingdao Reinforcement ProjectThe quality, strength and rigidity of the structure can meet the design requirements. The construction technology is exquisite, the quality is excellent, and the project qualification rate is 100%. The 30-year aging test durability of the adhesive can meet the requirements.Bonded steel reinforcementThe subsequent structural test also proved that the strength and stiffness design method is correct and reliable.

2. Fast construction: GuaranteeBonded steel reinforcementUnder the premise of structural quality, the construction tasks can be completed quickly, and the construction can be completed according to business requirements without stopping production without affecting the use, which is generally praised by users.

3. Concise and lightweight:Compared with other reinforcement methods, the construction of bonding steel reinforcement is clean and simple, and there is no wet operation on site. After the completion of the reinforcement, the appearance of the structure does not change, it is relatively light, the steel plate is thin, and the structure's own weight increases minimally, which will not cause the chain reinforcement of other components in the building.

4. Flexible:Bonded steel reinforcementThe law is highly adaptable and can solve various related problems in production and daily life. There are various, flexible and ingenious solutions for pasting steel plates. It can also paste section steel, reinforced steel structure and brick masonry structure.

5. Economically reasonable: byBecause of the fast construction, avoiding or reducing factory shutdown time, saving reinforcement materials, compared with other reinforcement methods, the cost of bonding steel reinforcement is greatly saved, and the economic benefits are high.

structureBonded steel reinforcementUsage:
(1) Reinforcement by fracture of welded joints of steel bars
(2) Reinforcement of leaked steel bars during construction
(3) The concrete label is not up to the standard, increase the structural strength and reinforce
(4) Anti-seismic reinforcement for adding floors
(5) Reinforcement of balcony root fracture
(6) Corbel joint reinforcement
(7) Suspended crane beams increase load reinforcement
(8) Concentrated force reinforcement of floor load
(9) Reinforcement of beams, columns and concrete burnt out after the fire
(10) Reinforcement of concrete column corbel fracture
(11) Bridge crane beam reinforcement
(12) Fracture reinforcement of thin web beams
(13) Reinforcement of beams damaged by explosion shock wave
(14) Increase floor load reinforcement
(15) The bottom string of the roof truss beam is severely corroded and reinforced with exposed reinforcement
(16) Reinforcement of broken beams
(17) Reinforcement by intercepting column
(18) Vibration reduction and reinforcement
(19) Reinforcement of beams and columns by chemically corroded bonded steel
(20) Comprehensive reinforcement of old house renovation
(21) Seismic reinforcement of lifeline buildings
(22) Reinforce the shear wall with round holes below 1.6M, and open door holes below 1M X 2M to strengthen
(23) Bridge fractures, repair and reinforcement of old bridges
(24) Improve the bearing capacity of the column to solve the problem of strengthening the column with excessive axial compression ratio

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